Why are we here?

When it comes to learning about shooting and gun ownership, not knowing how or where to start can be an intimidating hurdle. 

​We provide a relaxed atmosphere, with a focus on safety, safety, safety!  At the same time, we want our students to experience the fun that comes with shooting skills and abilities.

Scott, Lead Instuctor & Proud Owner

After a long career as a sales engineer and trainer, Scott has the ability to communicate on many different levels of knowledge on a topic.

His family grew up with guns not just as a tool, but also as a method of having fun.  Firearm safety has always been the priority, and bringing up their kids with that same knowledge is an important part of his life.


Let’s Go!

We want you to enjoy your Second Amendment right to bear arms! 

When you are ready to be safe and have fun, give us a shout and schedule your time with Patterson Arms today!